Smoked Salmon

Moist and delicious, this fish is a versatile local favorite.  Add it to your morning bagel and enjoy with your coffee, elevate a salad, or swap it for the standard cold-cuts to create a stand-out appetizer platter.        *SORRY-SOLD OUT

Canned Tuna

Our canned tuna is especially great for camping, back-packing, and shipping as gifts, because no refrigeration is necessary! For those who want to taste fresh fish, but aren't standing on the dock - this is as good as it gets, in fact, it's how we share our albacore with our in-land relatives. 

Delicious Canned Tuna & Other Fish for Sale in Trinidad, CA

Smoked Albacore

Our friends ask us to bring our smoked albacore to the party -  it's a snap to serve it along with crackers, soft cheese and roasted garlic - or serve it on a bed or pasta or greens to create a protein-rich crowd pleasing meal.