Our fishing process

       All our fish is line-caught.  No nets are used, ever.  Fish are processed immediately on board using the ike-jime method.  

     Captain Craig and his crew clean each fish as it comes off the line, and deliver it fresh to the cannery and smokehouse. This process ensures the fish can be enjoyed at highest possible quality.  This distinguishes our product from other canned fish.  The extra effort taken to avoid freezing our catch shows in our superior product.

What is Sashimi-Grade?

     The word sashimi means "pierced body."  Sashimi-grade refers to the method by which the fish is caught and killed. 

     The fish is caught on an individual line.  As soon as it is brought aboard, its brain is pierced with a sharp spike, it is bled, gutted and gilled, and placed in  slurried ice.  This spiking is called "ike-jime" and the instantaneous death means that the fish's flesh contains a minimal amount of lactic acid.