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We Are a Family Owned and Operated Business

Our Captain Craig Maclay is a fisherman, marine biologist and  surfer- salt courses through his veins.  Maclay Family Fishing is dedicated to providing quality fish through sustainable practices. 

Our one-boat operation boasts of fish that has been caught, carefully cleaned, and delivered. We make sure that our fish is not being subjected to harsh blast freezing conditions. Smoking and canning the catch at its peak quality ensures the catch is best preserved. 


Freshness From the Sea to Your Plate

Maclay Family Fishing, founded in 2013, is loved for fresh and delicious fish. We only provide the highest quality fish products, outstanding customer service, and finest smoked options. Before our fish lands on your plate, we will assure you that our method of catching is sustainable and that you’re getting the best products available. 

Maclay Family Fishing Co. is based in Trinidad, a foggy fishing village tucked behind the redwood curtain. We offer line-caught King Salmon and Albacore Tuna. The sea is our family's passion, and we are proud to share our fish with you. So please enjoy, from our family to yours! 

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